Welcome to First Assembly, a relevant, exciting church striving to be living proof of an empty tomb. Our mission is to serve, serve the Lord Jesus Christ, His church and those searching for the meaning and purpose of life. You are cordially invited to celebrate with us the victory made possible through the cross as we defend the truth together and provoke this world to jealously.

Pastor Keith

 Spiritual Filled Application

I have heard it said and believe it to be true that those who can best adapt to a new situation or environment are more likely to excel and climb the ladder of success. In sports, the best team, the most talented team doesn’t always win. Maybe they should and on paper the evidence is there to support it, but as those in sports world would say, “You win it on the field not on paper.” The key involves what is called “the intangibles”. Examples would be mental preparation, motivation, coaching, game plan strategy, conditioning, factors that do not necessarily include size, speed, and 5 star skill packages. The teams that are best prepared, able to deal with adversity when the ball doesn’t bounce their way, teams that are highly motivated, unified, and conditioned more often than not come out on top when the final whistle blows, even though the scouting reports give them little chance. In the life of a believer, the world would give us little chance of success or survival. For on paper we are not built for success the way the world defines success. A believer doesn’t play by the same rules, share the same goals, or enjoys the same things. But, we do have the privilege, power and person of the Holy Spirit dwelling within us declaring that greater is He in us than he that is in the world, 1 John 4:4. The result is, we win, when it matters, we win, when adversity comes, we win, when it seems impossible, we win! We win because it has already been won, than you Jesus!



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