Welcome to First Assembly, a relevant, exciting church striving to be living proof of an empty tomb. Our mission is to serve, serve the Lord Jesus Christ, His church and those searching for the meaning and purpose of life. You are cordially invited to celebrate with us the victory made possible through the cross as we defend the truth together and provoke this world to jealously.

Pastor Keith


I know sometimes we can get “formula happy”. I mean, it seems these days that everybody has a formula for success for just about everything. No matter how many times I empty my junk mailbox and then block future junk mail messages, there they are, more junk messages than you can shake a stick at advertising the latest formula for weight loss, getting rich, and just about everything else you can imagine in three easy payments. You get the idea but in some cases formulas are useful and sometimes even scriptural. It’s just that the formulas, the “how to’s” and the step by step principles in the Word are predicated upon the love of Jesus filling our heart and the word of God filling our head, so to speak. The simple answer is to step it out, follow the plan, do life the word of God way and obey all the while remembering that the Kingdom Life is about life with the King more so than following a script.



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