Welcome to First Assembly, a relevant, exciting church striving to be living proof of an empty tomb. Our mission is to serve, serve the Lord Jesus Christ, His church and those searching for the meaning and purpose of life. You are cordially invited to celebrate with us the victory made possible through the cross as we defend the truth together and provoke this world to jealously.



If you have read the bulletin announcements for the week, then you know, “Graduation” takes center stage and is the theme for the week. Having been blessed to attend all FACS graduations for the past seventeen years, I have seen many children and teens celebrating triumph and many parents shedding tears, Dena and I included. It is truly a time of mixed emotion, depending on where we are in the process. But underneath the gambit of emotion, there is a God ordained process taking place. Diplomas are being received, torches are being past, mantles are being draped, stages are being set, and transitions taking place. It is life, the way God intended, life that never stands still and is always on the move. In these next few weeks, there will be new trails blazed, and few empty nests made. These next few days, weeks and months will be filled with great expectation looking toward a vision filled future. These days will also be filled with many trips down memory lane, and for FACS students, how can you not hear Mr. Hubbard’s famous words, “These are the best days of your life.” Wherever we are in the process, let us give God the glory for no matter where we have been or where we are now, God is always taking us to a better place.

Congratulations to all of our Graduates,


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