Welcome to First Assembly, a relevant, exciting church striving to be living proof of an empty tomb. Our mission is to serve, serve the Lord Jesus Christ, His church and those searching for the meaning and purpose of life. You are cordially invited to celebrate with us the victory made possible through the cross as we defend the truth together and provoke this world to jealously.

Pastor Keith

 Return to the Tomb

This week as we focus on the events of Easter and the magnitude of what took place between Good Friday and Easter Sunday let us not forget about the Tomb. We know how the story ends so we at times breeze right through the chapter portraying the events of the tomb. The tomb in context with the burial place of the Lord reveals many life insights. The tomb, any tomb for that matter screams with finality, the final resting place, the end of the line, “all she rote” so to speak. The tomb in natural state is surrounded and saturated by tears and great emotion, even Jesus wept at the tomb of His dear friend Lazarus. The tomb ushers in disturbing thoughts for the soul to process, thoughts of “what happens after death? Is there really an afterlife? Is heaven and hell real, and what about Jesus, fact or fantasy?” When you think about it, this is how the world, the outsiders must view the tomb and so understandably they suppress the thoughts of what the tomb represents. But for the insiders, those who know the rest of the story, for those who know the tomb was borrowed and thus only needed for the weekend, for those who have become acquainted personally and intimately with the Easter miracle, the tomb no longer speaks questions with no answers, the tomb shouts the truth of all truths, “I am empty! He is not here, He has risen”.

Return to the Tomb,


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